HBHRS Membership

The Society was formed as the Herne Bay Records Society in 1932, [The Society's name was changed to Herne Bay Historical Records Society in 1988] under the auspices of Dr. T. Armstrong Bowes MA, MD, FSA when various archaeological specimens and other records relating to Herne Bay and district were donated to the Society. The Society was formed to foster an interest in the history of the district. The original founders included a number of elderly residents who had been born in the early years of the town and had already gathered a great amount of information and many objects of interest forming the basis of the Society’s present extensive collection. This has been expanded by gifts, bequests and purchases over the years to include books, prints, maps, paintings, photographs, picture postcards, documents and ephemera of all kinds.

The Society's Museum and its archives were originally accommodated in the hall at No. 53 Mortimer Street before moving to the Public Library in the High Street in 1939. Subsequently in 1996, the archive was moved to store at its current home in the Herne Bay Seaside Museum at No. 12 William Street. Access to these records is presently restricted due to space constraints, however it is hoped to improve this in due course.

Today the Society is flourishing and maintains contact with its members by means of talks during the winter months and excursions to places of interest during the summer. All enquiries should be addressed to either the Secretary or the Curator/Archivist. Interested parties are invited to get in touch with an officer or member of the Committee. The Annual Subscription for 2018/2019 is £15 per person £30 family membership , living in the same household, and falls due on the 1 October 2018 and runs for twelve months. Lectures and meetings are held in the Lower Hall, Herne Bay United Church, High Street, Herne Bay, starting at 7:00pm, doors open from 6.30pm. Meetings are open to members and guests.

Each member will be issued with a membership card, the production of which entitles the named HBHRS member to free admission to the Herne Bay Seaside Museum.

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