HBHRS Meetings Calendar 2020/21

Because of Covid-19 restrictions we have been unable to carry out a full calendar of meetings for the 2020/2021 season. We will be able of offer our members some meetings via zoom for details please see below. This will be updated as and when we are able to fill future dates.
Under normal circumstances lectures and meetings are held in Pettman House, First Herne Bay over Sixties Club, Hanover Square, Herne Bay CT6 5NY.
Lecture meetings are free. In the event of poor weather please ring Margaret Burns 01227 369365.
Society meetings

  Thursday December 10th 2020   A.G.M. via zoom at 7.30pm
  Thursday January 14th 2021   Talk on Floral Clocks by Mike Bundock via zoom at 7.30pm
  Thursday February 18th 2021   Talk on Dr Tom Armstrong Bowes’ Archive:
  an overview of current research by Pete Knowles, via zoom at 7.30pm
  Tuesday March 16th 2021   Murder, Madness and Mayhem – the Belgian Royal Family :
  a talk by Melanie Gibson-Barton via zoom 7.30pm
Other Events of Interest